ISS Industrial Trend Series

Explore the Sustainable Projects Shaping the Future

At Industrial Service Solutions, we’re committed to supporting the most up-to-date innovations and efforts toward increasing sustainability in infrastructure projects across industries. That means keeping track of the latest and largest industrial projects taking place across the nation — whether they’re tackling aging water infrastructure upgrades or building brand new renewable energy sources to keep the country running on greener power solutions.

Download any chapter in the ISS Industrial Trends series below to find an overview of a recent environmentally-conscious infrastructure project, as well as how our equipment supply, repair and maintenance services are ready to provide the technical support needed to assist these projects in paving the way toward a cleaner, more energy-efficient future.



Colorado River System Investment

Discover how an initiative begun by the Biden-Harris administration is funding strategic upgrades to aging water infrastructure across the country, revitalizing federal efforts to better maintain and support the health and sustainability of our water sources and systems.


SunZia Wind and Transformation Project

The SunZia Wind and Transmission Project is the largest renewable energy project in the U.S. to date, and the most extensive wind development in the Western Hemisphere. Read a breakdown of the project’s unprecedented scale, and its efforts toward increasing the power and scope of wind energy across the country.